Welcome to my first installment of semi-impromptu travel musings!

Before we begin I must confess: I have never been much of a blogger. The thought of blogging makes me cringe — to face the expectation of posting regularly again and again whether the writer has something to say or not (and I’m often faced with never knowing what to say in the first place). Nevertheless, I have been encouraged by quite a few folks to record my travels (so here it goes!) This is not a blog; it’s an un-blog. I will only post something if I think it will add value to the project or help someone’s project or travel plans. Some posts may sound awkward. But that’s okay. So, shedding the “blog” label, I call this account of my travels a “chronicle”—a twenty-first century pilgrimage of sorts. Thoughts will range from academic matters to travel tips for scholars and geeks-at-heart. I may also throw in a shameless plug, but these will be far and few between. Other posts might involve continuing a conversation, either put forth from a book or on the web. Communication travels multilaterally across various media, after all. With this chronicle, I hope to keep in touch with friends and forge new relationships with fellow medievalists.

So what is this chronicle about?

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